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Making the Most of Your Flooring – Which Type is best for you?
Posted on September 30, 2016 by FL2Dblog
So, you’ve finally decided to uproot your old floors and install something fresh and appealing. You have many styles and varieties to choose from but what will best suit your home will make all of the difference. In South Florida, the weather plays an important role when choosing the right flooring too, and you must keep this in mind, especially is [pets or children are in the mix. Below you will find a list of cost-effective and appropriate flooring options to meet all needs.

Solid hardwood flooring offers a generous amount of wood options that meets your style needs. Because its aging process is simple and practical over time, hardwood can be an easy option to complete the look of almost any room. Hardwood is not only long-lasting, it’s is possible to refinish it as many times as desired. Although hardwood is probably the most universal and easy to pair in almost any room, it requires some special attention. Unlike engineered hardwood, the real deal is a victim of humidity, causing rotting and expansion in the floor. A trusted flooring expert will take this into consideration and leave plenty of room should the issue occur.

This inexpensive flooring type can go a long way in Florida. It’s easy to install and with just a few hundred dollars, your home can look and feel fresh. If you have a new baby in the home or a family member that works late and needs rest, laminate is a great sound proof option because it buries a lot of sound. Much like carpet, though, it can be tough to clean and easily dented. Nowadays, homeowners can choose from many forms of tiles to meet the needs in their desired room. Vinyl is perfect for bathrooms and laundry rooms because it eases the noises level.

With carpet, you don’t want to choose just anything. New technology has made it easier to choose a carpet with fiber that makes it stain resistant and soft to the touch. It also provides a soundproof barrier as well. Since carpet tends to retain a lot of dirt, you will need to have it steam cleaned often. If you are going to use carpet, consider guestrooms or bedrooms because of less foot traffic and places that dirt can hide and tends to add a comfort.

Nowadays, you can find pretty much any style, color, and texture of tile. From soft porcelain to a whimsical marble, there certainly isn’t a shortage of tile to choose from. Tile can get a little costly depending on your style and size preference. Tile offer a water-proof option for bathrooms and kitchens. Tile can easily attract grout if water is not cleaned right away.

Laminate flooring is an efficient and money-saving option, especially for high-traffic rooms in your home. Mudrooms or foyers tend to bring a lot of dirt and dust, making laminate a perfect and inexpensive floor. Standing water will damage laminate if large amounts of water accumulate. At that point, your floor will then need to be replaced. Whether you have messy kids or pets, the chances of damaging laminate floors are very slim and scuffs and marks usually come up quickly.

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